In bucket brigade

MONTECITO, Calif. – An all volunteer group called the Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade was out in full force on Super Bowl Sunday.

They helped homeowners in Montecito, like Vicki Johnson, dig out of the mud.

“It’s amazing to have all these volunteers here. They are like angels,” Johnson said. “If we can get the mud out, we can save our house.”

The volunteers came from all over and shoveled mud, moved furniture and found keepsakes buried in the debris.

Johnson said their hard work is paying off.

“Yesterday, we were able to clear three rooms, and today we are probably going to clear a good portion of the rest of the house,” Johnson said.

The brigade is a grassroots effort conceived by local resident Abe Powell. The mission is to help Montecito become whole again after the devastating mudslide.

“The mission of the Bucket Brigade is compassion and love. There’s digging, mud and buckets. But, the true nature of this is to help out and bring our community together,” said volunteer Jeffrey Clark.

On Saturday, Clark said between 250 and 300 people deployed to various homes in Montecito.

To learn when the next dig is, follow the Bucket Brigade on Facebook.


Source: KEYT

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