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This day our hearts again open with love. A meaningless shooting at a college bar in nearby Thousand Oaks resulted in tragic loss. Twelve people were killed, most students in their early twenties. Death comes not only to them, but, to their families and friends as well, who will suffer their own emotional and psychological dying in the days and years to come.  Our community grieves this day as senseless violence once again takes its toll.

At Pacifica, we are a community guided by our commitment of tending to the beauty and depth of soul.  We join others who value the love that moves through our humility and our humanity.  Today, and well into the tomorrows we offer our support and care to those who’s lives are devastated at this time.

No longer can we say, “this random act of violence.”  As we all are aware,  this horrific phenomena of “mass shootings” has become an almost everyday experience. What can we do? What must we do? How will we respond?

In addition to an increased vigilance, a change in the politics of exclusion and, a rejection of values of oppression we believe there is something more, something deeper. Below the surface, behind the all too ubiquitous “screen” exists our creativity, our passion for an abundant life. Now more than ever, we are asked to cultivate our imagination, which in turn opens our innate care for one another.  In doing so, both individually and in community, we come together in a new way. We create a sense of collective belonging, fulfilling a yearning that lives deeply inside each of us.

In an extended community of the caring, those troubled and on the margins, find access to something other than despair and false identification. There can be no justification for violence, none. Yet,  if each of us takes a moment to go inside, discover an imaginative response to the hurt and pain in the world and then share that with another person, perhaps, together, we can change the course we are on in this country. We can move from a “silent march” leading to continuing despair onto a Path the opens to what we value most dearly . . . a safe, inclusive, and loving community for all being.

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