Mud Angels

The Mud is overwhelming and consuming. It sucks us in and down and fills our pores and lungs. It seeks to spare no one and no thing in its destructive path. It rips apart homes, vehicles, trees and lives. The mud leaves its trace in and on everything in its path, as it swiftly and decisively changes our lives and the landscape forever. A Mud Angel is not immune to the mud, nor is it safe. It cannot stop it and is not interested in trying. The only intention is to help repair and improve the lives that were destroyed by the mud. A mud angel may lose its wings in the quest and almost always is soaked in mud. This special angel has a face that represents pain, struggle, passion, empathy, tragedy, and despair. Sometimes the face represents survival and joy. A mud angel is not immortal but is stronger than most. This is an angel who won’t give up and may sacrifice its own life for those in need. That is what makes a Mud Angel.

Mud Angels In The News

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