Kelly Anderson-BohlingerMA Counseling Psych, Pacifica Graduate Institute

    My passion is working towards the healthy restoration of the family. This may be accomplished in individual, couple, and/or family therapy sessions. Restoring the family is about the development of healthy communication, mutual respect and understanding, and a knowledge of child development and needs. Families face trauma and other stressors in many different forms and no two families are alike. There are times when it is necessary for a member to leave a family in order for balance to be achieved. Other times, the integration of a member into the family can provide that balance. My job is to assist in the many transitions families face and provide professional knowledge and support.

    As a Divorce Coach I will work with a client to process the particular issues that arise when “going through” a divorce. I may work as a member of a full collaborative law team or with a client and his/her attorney. I am also a trained Divorce Mediator (specialized in Custody). I can assist you and your spouse/partner navigate the often complicated task of dividing assets,and other financial concerns, development of a parenting plan, and other issues particular to your case. Thereby, avoiding an expensive, stressful, litigated divorce.


    • LMFT

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